Vitallea Plant-Based Organic Vegan Protein Blend - 30 Servings

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Protein powder supplements are quickly becoming a staple in homes across the world. Getting your daily protein needs and other nutrients in an easy-to-make form is not only convenient but can also bring peace of mind.  Consuming a protein shake every day can help you feel confident that you are giving your body much needed macros and maybe some micros too.  Plant protein is simply any protein that comes from a plant source instead of an animal source. Diets high in plant protein are linked to many benefits. While research doesn't support a diet where one ONLY gets protein from plants, it does suggest that consuming a higher ratio of plant versus animal protein provides the following benefits however Plant-based diets need thoughtful considerations to ensure your body is getting everything it needs that is why we created Vitallea Plant Based Protein Blend.  Vitallea Protein blend has all Essential Amino Acids, BCAA’s, MCT and the perfect blend of organic pumpkin seed, organic fermented sprouted brown rice, fermented pea and organic quinoa to provide the complete protein requirements needed for the body.

In addition, our vegan protein blend has a unique plant-based enzyme to avoid bloating, stomach discomfort and improved bowl movement.


Why Choose

Love plant-based products, but hate the gritty and sandy feel and after-taste? We used the highest quality ingredients first and added countless hours testing with our testing panel to get the taste and texture just right.  All our ingredients are 100% natural, Zero-sugar, free from fillers and artificial ingredients. Vitallea Vegan protein blend is unique since we use fermented sources of protein.  Fermentation increases the bioavailability of nutrients and improves digestibility. Improved digestibility has the added benefit of minimizing or eliminating bloating too. Using a mixture of sprouted protein sources also increases bioavailability, digestibility and absorption. Overall, the result of fermented and sprouted protein sources is better nutrition. 



Suggested use

Truly flexible. Take One scoop (36g) into your shaker and mix with water or nut milk, add to your smoothies or test in baking!



Key Features

A mixture of Sprouted, Organic and Fermented Protein Sources

  • 25g of Complete Protein (5g BCAAs)
  • Fortified with Key Plant-based Enzymes to optimize digestion
  • Blended with calcium and fermented ingredients to support the macronutrient body profile
  • Zero Sugar
  • Low Carbohydrate and Fat Content


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