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Weight: 250g
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This Coffee is from the Fraijanes Plateau in Guatemala in the mountainous region north of Lake Amatitlan. These mountains surround the Valley of Ermita, the location of Guatemala City. Volcanic pumice soil, very high altitudes, plenty of rain, variable humidity and an active volcano characterize the region.  Pacaya, the most active of Guatemala’s three active volcanoes, supplies the region with a light deposit of ash every once in a while, giving the soil an important mineral boost.  Coffees grown on the Fraijanes Plateau are known for their full body, distinct acidity, and soft aroma.

CypherED Profile

Toasted almond aroma, chocolate toffee flavor, round body, piquant acidity


Origin: Guatemala

Region: Fraijanes

Farm: La Fatima

Altitude: 1,500m

Varietal: Catuai, Caturra

Process: Washed

Type: Single Origin

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